Toby's Tofu Paté

Toby's Tofu Pate started in Toby’s kitchen in the 1970s. She was a mom making food for a reason – her kids were hungry. It wasn’t to support her family, make profits, or capitalize on “the next big thing.” It was out of necessity – to feed her kids. One of her sons had severe food allergies, and the options we have now just weren’t available back then. So, she set out to make her own recipes that the whole family could enjoy.

While working at the restaurant and pregnant with her third child she made a vegetarian, protein-heavy snack to fuel her through long days. She shared it with her groups of friends, and soon the local community begged relentlessly for Toby to sell this ever-addicting tofu pate. Get the 8-ounce or 14-ounce size (we get requests for bigger sizes all the time, so you might want to pick up some extras). Any way you go, the flavor is immeasurable.



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Lite Original



Lite Jalapeno