Lite Blue Cheese

Little Blue Calories, Big Blue Taste!

No MSG, preservatives, artificial stabilizers or flavors. Always locally sourced, rBST free dairy free dairy and made with buttermilk from Lochmead farms, a local closed herd, family dairy.


taste the difference

If you’re looking for less fat and calories, but the same big blue cheese taste, Toby’s Lite Blue Cheese Dressing is the one for you. Made with Nancy’s Yogurt, they still have the same great taste, with half the fat and calories of their original counterparts. 

Lite Blue Cheese.jpg

INgredients You'll Love

Mayonnaise (expeller pressed non-GMO canola oil, eggs, water, non-GMO vinegar, organic cane sugar, mustard flower, salt), yogurt, buttermilk, blue cheese (pasteurized milk, culture, enzymes, lactic acid), sour cream, non-GMO wine vinegar, onions, garlic, dill.

dip it, dunk it, spread it, eat it, love it

We have so many people telling us the different ways they eat their Lite Blue Cheese Dressing while staying on diet! Check out a few of those ways by clicking the button below!