Feta Dressing

So good you might just eat the whole jar....and that's ok!

No MSG, preservatives, artificial stabilizers or flavors. Always locally sourced, rBST free dairy and made with buttermilk from Lochmead farms, a local closed herd, family dairy.


Taste the Difference

Toby’s Chunky Feta salad dressing is a cult classic in our neck of the woods. It's savory with just the right amount of feta tang to it to have you literally scooping spoonfuls out of the jar!

Feta Dressing.jpeg

Ingredients You'll Love

Mayonnaise (expeller pressed non-GMO canola oil, eggs, water, non-GMO vinegar, organic cane sugar, mustard flower, salt), buttermilk, feta cheese, sour cream, feta cheese, non-GMO wine vinegar, garlic, onions, dill.

Dip it, dunk it, spread it, eat it, love it

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