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If you love to help people find foods that are tasty and wholesome then this is the place for you! We are a brand that works to make people aware of what the impact of ingredients, processes and packaging is on their bodies and what the positive impact having a plant based protein can be.  Basically whether you are vegetarian, vegan, or have any kind of diet Toby’s wants people to be food conscious.


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If you have a talented spatula and love to share your creations with the world then we want to talk to you! We love sharing deliciously creative recipes with #TobysFoods on Instagram and our blog.  

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Good food is that much better when shared with friends. Which is why we love to share our food with the world through #TobysFoods.  If our food loves your camera then we’d love to talk to you.


Brand Ambassador of the Month

Silvia Ryan is an absolute rockstar!  She provides blogs, beautiful photography and lifestyle posts for us on a monthly basis.  We love having her on our team! Check out her Instagram page @silviaryan or her blog