The “Toby’s brand” started in Toby’s kitchen in the 1970s. She was a mom making food for a reason – her kids were hungry. It wasn’t to support her family, make profits, or capitalize on “the next big thing.” It was out of necessity – to feed her kids. One of her sons had severe food allergies, and the options we have now just weren’t available back then. So, she set out to make her own recipes that the whole family could enjoy.

As Toby shared her food at family gatherings, with friends, and at the Eugene Saturday Market, word spread. Toby wasn’t just making food for her two boys anymore. Toby and a few other market vendors joined together to launch a restaurant. While working at the restaurant and pregnant with her third child she made a vegetarian, protein-heavy snack to fuel her through long days. She shared it with her groups of friends, and soon the local community begged relentlessly for Toby to sell this ever-addicting tofu pate. Local restaurants were requesting a new salad dressing (something they called ranch) and couldn’t think of a better chef than Toby to make it for them. So, we began making dressing too.



We want to provide the best ingredients possible so our ingredients are sourced locally from independent growers and producers, completely unprocessed, and all organic (which includes non-GMO). 


We started in Eugene in the 1970’s and set up permanent shop in Springfield in 2006, we even share a parking lot with So Delicious!  We love to work with other local companies like Nancy's Yogurt, Coconut Bliss and Emerald Valley.  Check out a few of our collaborations on Instagram and Facebook you'll see why we love everything Oregon based.


Long ago, organic was the norm. It wasn’t specialty; all the pesticides and herbicides, genetic modification of seeds, and preservatives in foods just hadn’t been invented yet. We choose our ingredients carefully, ask our producers how exactly the ingredients are treated, and we opt for organic at every opportunity because we believe that your food should be like you, original, unmodified and completely organic. We always choose non-GMO soy, non-GMO canola, and organic cane sugar as well. 

WE are food conscious

While Toby’s started in a vegetarian family, with a product that is tofu based, the brand has evolved to be much, much more than its signature tofu spread. It has become a brand that works to make people aware of what the impact of ingredients, processes and packaging is on their bodies and what the positive impact having a plant based protein can be.  Basically whether you are vegetarian, vegan, or somewhere in between, Toby’s wants people to be food conscious.