Tofu Jalapeno Poppers


We love using Toby’s tofu in all sorts of ways – replacing it for other dips and soft cheeses in recipes. So, we thought, why not try out some jalapeno poppers? We tried. We loved. We made lots. Now, we share with you.

We were taking some photos for our new website, and had tons of jalapenos leftover. I thought: “Love jalapenos, love tofu, love Toby’s jalapeno tofu.” And, the tofu jalapeno popper recipe was born. It’s the perfect combination of all three and not even overwhelmingly spicy thanks to this little trick with the jalapenos. Because, have you ever had a jalapeno popper that just completely burned your mouth? They’re good – but I never want to suffer through that again!

Somewhere along the road, I picked up a trick, that if you boil (or blanch) seeded jalapenos, you cut the spicy and make them easier. Really, they might even be kid-friendly if you boil them long enough. More details below in the recipe.

So, to the recipe!


Tofu Jalapeno Poppers

Try these healthier jalapeno poppers – made with delicious tofu spread instead of cream cheese. We even have a trick to make them LESS spicy than the original ones (they won’t make you cry!).



  1. Boil a pot of water.
  2. While heating, wash, halve, and clean seeds from jalapenos.
  3. Once water is gently boiling, add jalapenos for 2-5 minutes, until slightly soft.
    PRO TIP: 
    This reduces the heat of the jalapeno – making them much less spicy! The longer you leave them in the water, the less spicy they’ll be. 
  4. Remove jalapenos from the water, let cool for a few minutes (so they’re easy to handle).
  5. Place them in a baking dish and spread a generous amount of Toby’s tofu spread in each jalapeno, sprinkle with cheese.
  6. Broil on high until cheese is bubbly and slightly browned.
  7. Serve immediately. Enjoy!

Make it work for special diets:

We cater to all diets here at Toby’s, and these are easy to make vegan – just swap out a lite version of the Tofu spread and the cheese for a vegan cheese (or no cheese at all – they’re still delicious!).

Questions? Ask us in the comments!

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