Last Minute Christmas Veggie Trays

Holiday potlucks are great – until it’s about an hour before and you realize you have nothing to bring. Enter our last minute Christmas veggie trays.

These Christmas veggie trays are great for more than just your work potluck, too. For Christmas dinner, if you’re not hosting you’re often tasked with bringing appetizers or a tray of goodies. We say, don’t just buy some pre-made veggie tray and risk the maltodextrin, MSG, modified food starch, artificial colors and flavors, etc. etc. etc. Forget all those disgusting ingredients in those other veggie trays (mostly, in those dressings that come with them) and old veggies that may or may not have been sitting around or browning. Easier said than done, right?

Nope! We’ve got you covered. These last minute Christmas veggie trays are easy to pull together and about as festive as you can get. We love these unique and last minute Christmas veggie tray ideas – perfect for work potlucks, family dinners, holiday parties, ulgy sweater parties, white elephant parties, and pretty much whatever else you may do this December.

Your friends and family will be totally impressed – especially when you pair it with Toby’s. Who can really be disappointed? (No one!)

Veggie Ornament

Our first favorite last minute Christmas veggie tray is this veggie ornament.

We decided to take a rimmed, circle plate and decorate it with veggies to make it look like a giant ornament. Easy, peasy. Veggies you need: baby carrots, grape tomatoes, and sliced cucumbers. Grab a jar of Toby’s Ranch and watch your beautiful veggie ornament tray disappear.

If you have the space, we suggest decorating the table with a few ornaments and adding a little square piece of paper to give the ornament effect!

Veggie Ornament

Veggie Santa

This one is my personal favorite. It’s still easy to put together and but adds a few more veggies to the mix and takes just a little more creativity. You could also make this on an oval plate or a square plate and make the hat and beard a little longer. But, the nice thing is that they can both be made on matching plates.

Again, all you’ll need: grape tomatoes, cauliflower florets, baby carrots, and sliced cucumbers. Grab a jar of Toby’s dressing, we suggest Blue Cheese, and serve them up!

Veggie Santa

More Last Minute Christmas Veggie Ideas

Of course, we come up with some fun veggie ideas every year (that’s what we’re good for!), so we have some great ideas from last year that are worth checking out again. See them here.

Are your creative juices flowing this holiday season? We’d love to hear your ideas. Share whatyour best last minute Christmas veggie tray idea? are, and we might just send you some Toby’s goodies to ring in the new year.


Since they use almost the same veggies, it’s easy enough to go beyond the call of duty for person in charge of veggie appetizers, and bring them both! You just might outshine the rest of the dishes.
Last Minute Christmas Veggie Trays with Toby's

9 Easy Football-themed recipes & other game day essentials

9 Easy Football Recipes

The big game is coming this weekend – and we’ve put together some of our favorite winning football recipes! They’re super easy, delicious and fun to eat and share. Plus, you’re totally going to impress your friends with your football recipes!

9 Easy Football-themed recipes & other game day essentials


Wings & Dip

First up, wings and dip. Who can resist this on game day? While it isn’t really a recipe, it is staple game day food. Pair wings with a little ranch or blue cheese, depending on your flavor of wing sauce. Serve up veggies on the side to go with the wings!

Chicken Wings & Dip | 9 Easy Football-themed recipes & other game day essentials

Buffalo Chicken Cups

These Buffalo Chicken Cups are perfect for this weekend’s football watch parties. Seriously delicious finger foods with creamy Blue Cheese Dressing! We love the swirl of Blue Cheese Dressing and buffalo sauce here.

Buffalo Chicken Cups | Easy Football Themed Recipes - perfect for football watch parties!


The rest of our winning football recipes are all vegetarian-friendly. Eat up!

Sweet Potato Fries

We’re on a sweet potato kick here, and admit it, sweet potato fries just are a little more fun than your standard french fry! We like this recipe – it gives your the trick to crispy, oven-baked Sweet Potato Fries! Pair with Toby’s Ranch and you’re all set. Easy easy easy.

Sweet Potato Fries | 9 Easy Football Recipes to put together!

Sweet Potato Tots

Also another delicious pair to ranch, and lower calorie/less mess than dealing with deep frying tots. Again, feeding our sweet potato obsession. Try these Sweet Potato Tots and serve them up as easy game day finger foods. Perfect addition to your football recipes.

Sweet Potato Tots

Loaded Smashed Potatoes

We had to put together at least one regular potato recipe, and this goes way beyond your standard baked potato. And, it’s great finger food! Try these smashed potatoes – drizzle with ranch and watch them disappear.

Loaded Smashed Potatoes | Easy Football Themed Recipes - perfect for football watch parties!

Cauliflower Buffalo Chicken

If you’re looking for a vegetarian chicken wing substitute for your game day parties – try this roasted cauliflower buffalo “wing.” It’s a delicious side perfect for carnivores and vegetarians alike. I served them last year at my watch party, and everyone loved them. Hardly even missed the traditional chicken wing! Get the recipe.

VegetarianBuffaloWings | 9 Easy Football Recipes to put together!

Toby’s Stuffed Mushrooms

We created this Stuffed Mushrooms recipe a few months back, in the prime time of Oregon Duck football season. It’s an easy one to put together, and a perfect crowd pleasing recipe. Just don’t tell the guys it’s tofu and no one will ever know about a healthier swap. You could also try this with Toby’s Jalapeño Tofu Spread & Dip. If you are looking for a little spice, try tossing a little hot sauce on top after broiling.

Tobys Stuffed Mushrooms | 9 Easy Football Recipes to put together!

Tofu Jalapeño Poppers

This easy Jalapeño Popper recipe is a healthier spin on your classic Jalapeño Popper. Cut the fat and calories, ramp up the nutrition (protein from the tofu). Please all your guests. It almost sounds too good to be true. This one is a keeper for sure! They disappeared so fast at my house last year. And, great tip for reducing the jalapeño spice.


Football Deviled Eggs

These are the easiest to put together – and perfect for football watch parties! Cut up chives to look like baby football laces, and follow this recipe for a healthier spin on Deviled Eggs.

Football Deviled Eggs Loaded Smashed Potatoes | Easy Football Themed Recipes - perfect for football watch parties!


And one last round-up of our football recipes because we can’t wait for the game day feast!!

9 Easy Football-themed recipes & other game day essentials

Loaded Smashed Potatoes - Easy to make, delicious, and drizzled in the best Ranch!

Loaded Smashed Potatoes

The big game is this weekend! We’ve been busy in the kitchen testing out perfect recipes for the day. While we’re still a little bitter about the Seahawks loss, we’ll still be watching for at least the commercials. And of course, probably most importantly, we’ll be there for all the delicious finger foods, like these Loaded Smashed Potatoes.

Loaded baked potatoes are a classic dish but they weren’t quite the finger food we were looking for. Instead, we scaled it down to create the perfect, bite-sized appetizer: Loaded Smashed Potatoes! And what goes better with baked potatoes or smashed potatoes than Toby’s Ranch? Nothing.

Loaded Smashed Potatoes - Easy to make, delicious, and drizzled in the best Ranch! Perfect for the game day watch parties coming up

This game day appetizer has all of the flavor of a loaded baked potato in just one little bite. Top it off with Toby’s Ranch Dressing there is nothing better! Loaded Smashed Potatoes are simple to make and perfect for any game day watch party.

Loaded Smashed Potatoes with Toby’s Ranch Dressing

Loaded Smashed Potatoes have all the goodness of a loaded baked potato in bite-size form. Slathered in Toby’s Ranch Dressing – you can’t really do any better.  These are easy to make and perfect for any game day appetizer. Cook them up this weekend for the Super Bowl or all season.

Loaded Smashed Potatoes - Easy to make, delicious, and drizzled in the best Ranch!


  • 1 pound new potatoes (about 8-10)
  • ½ cup cheddar cheese
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper
  • Chives, chopped
  • Bacon (optional, omit for veggie-friendly version)
  • Toby’s Ranch Dressing


  1. Start by boiling your potatoes for about 15 minutes or until they are fork tender.
  2. Drain potatoes and place onto a greased (with olive oil) baking sheet.
  3. Smash the potatoes using the bottom of a cup or with a potato masher.
  4. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt and cheddar cheese.
  5. Place pan under the broiler until cheese is melted.
  6. Remove from oven and plate. Top with chives and crumbled bacon (optional) and drizzle with Toby’s Ranch Dressing.

Keep checking our blog and Facebook page for more awesome game day-themed recipes!

Loaded Smashed Potatoes - Easy to make, delicious, and drizzled in the best Ranch!

4 Halloween Party Ideas | Toby's Family Foods

4 Halloween Party Ideas

Personally, I’ve never really been a big Halloween fan but something about this year something is different. I’m really excited about all the fun food, decorations, and spooky spirit. I’m still out of luck with a costume, but my decorations and finger foods are all set with these four party ideas. Now, just on to carving pumpkins and browsing Pinterest for an easy costume idea.

We’ve rounded up and tested these four Halloween party ideas, and they’re so adorable! From spooky appetizers to fun DIY projects, we’ve got it covered. How will you be celebrating?

 4 Halloween Party Ideas | Toby's Family Foods

4 Halloween Party Ideas

1. Spooky Eyeball Appetizers

Spooky appetizers covered. Toby’s Tofu Spread on an Edward & Sons Trading Co., Inc. rice cracker, drizzled with Sriracha and topped with a sliced olive. Muahhahahahaha!

Spooky Eyeball Appetizers | 4 Halloween Party Ideas

2. Skeleton Veggie Tray

How fun is this? A dancing skeleton with a bowl ranch for a head! Just make sure each layer of your veggies are evenly spaced from the center of the board – he’s a little lopsided in ours. Start with the feet placed in the right spot, and you should be good! Or, just use a bigger board. Just remember your skeleton will be hard to move around.


Skeleton Veggie Tray | 4 Halloween Party Ideas

3. Pumpkin Veggie Tray & Dip


This pumpkin veggie tray & dip would work great for Halloween or Thanksgiving. Hallow out a mini pumpkin or squash like this one, and scoop in your dip. We made it easy on ourselves and scooped in some of our Toby’s Tofu Spread & Dip, but you could use a homemade dip if you really wanted to (no one would know if you didn’t!).

Pumpkin Veggie Tray & Dip | 4 Halloween Party Ideas


4. DIY Pumpkin Luminaries

We saw this idea on Pinterest, and figured we could use some of our old dressing jars in place of mason jars. So we did. It just takes a couple of coats of paint and a good quality sharpie. We set a few tea light candles in the open jars and let the pumpkins glow!

DIY Pumpkin Luminaries | 4 Halloween Party Ideas


BLT Pasta Salad

The BLT sandwich is a classic and has always been one of my favorites. I mean what could be better than crispy bacon stacked on top of fresh from the garden lettuce and tomato on toasted bread with a dollop of mayo?

BLT Ranch Pasta Salad

I got to thinking that if a sandwich could be this tasty, then why not turn it into something even better. So that’s exactly what I did. I kept the bacon, lettuce and tomato as the key components, but switched things up a bit by swapping out the mayo for Toby’s Ranch Dressing and adding chives for taste and presentation. The pasta salad was light and flavorful and not surprisingly a huge hit with the kiddos!

BLT Ranch Pasta Salad

Easy to make and even better to eat, this BLT Ranch Pasta Salad makes the perfect summer side dish that everyone will enjoy!

BLT Ranch Pasta Salad


  • 6-8 slices of thick cut bacon
  • 1 box rotini pasta
  • 1/2 cup Toby’s Ranch Dressing
  • 2 cups cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 2 cups lightly packed chopped romaine
  • 2 cups lightly packed spinach
  • 2 tablespoons chopped chives
  • Salt and pepper


  1. Cut bacon into bite size pieces and fry until crispy. Remove bacon and place on paper towel-lined plate and lightly pat dry.
  2. Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Add the pasta and cook until al dente. Drain the pasta, the place in a large serving bowl.
  3. Pour ranch sauce over the noodles and toss them to coat. Gently fold in the cherry tomatoes, romaine, spinach, bacon and chives. Sprinkle additional chives as well as salt and pepper for garnish.
  4. May be served right away, at room temperature, or chilled.


The BEST Ranch Caprese Sandwich

The Ranch Caprese Sandwich

This sandwich is my latest Toby’s recipe obsession. I’ve told everyone about it in my own circle of friends, so it’s time I share it here on the blog, too.

The BEST Ranch Caprese Sandwich

A little background on how this came about… My favorite easy, summer meal (or let’s be honest, any time of year even if it’s out of season) is a fresh caprese salad. Tomato, basil, olive oil, vinegar, and mozzarella cheese. When I’m at a restaurant I will always order a caprese anything – sandwich, wrap, salad, literally anything. IT’S SO GOOD. As I type this and think about the wonderfulness of a caprese anything, I’m literally salivating. In fact, when I was recipe testing this as a late afternoon snack, I went out to dinner later that night and had a caprese wrap (my caprese obsession addition is real). It didn’t even come close. All I really wanted was another one of these amazing ranch caprese sandwiches.

But anyway, past my caprese love story, this Ranch Caprese Sandwich is just amazing. I might even say it’s the best twist on a caprese sandwich ever. There was just something about how the ranch mixes with the rest of the traditional caprese ingredients (minus mozzarella), or maybe I was just really hungry and my caprese obsession has gone too far. You guys are going to have to try it and let me know.

Ranch Caprese Sandwich

I’m a little worried about hyping it up too much, but then again, I’m pretty confident my true caprese friends out there (there has to be more than just one) are going to feel the same way. This. Is. The. Way. To. Do. It. Seriously.

I like it open faced so you’re getting the true presentation of caprese out of it because faux-fancy is one of the best things about caprese.

The BEST Ranch Caprese Sandwich


  • Tomato, sliced
  • A few basil leaves, torn
  • Sourdough bread
  • Thick balsamic vinegar (this is KEY – you’ve got to splurge for the nice stuff or some kind of balsamic reduction)
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper


  1. Toast your slice of sourdough bread
  2. Slather with ranch
  3. Top with 1-2 tomato slices, torn basil leaves, salt and pepper
  4. Drizzle with olive oil and vinegar


The BEST Ranch Caprese Sandwich

Ranch Pasta Salad

With the hot summer days quickly passing by we wanted to share this awesome recipe that our chef friend at Pasta Gardner whipped up. This Ranch Pasta Salad is the perfect dish to bring to an upcoming family BBQ or get together!

The pasta is locally sourced and made, and even better it’s the perfect pairing with our creamy dressings and fresh summer veggies. If you haven’t tried it yet, stop by Long’s Meat Market or the Pasta Gardner booth at Saturday Market. One of the best ways to try it is with this recipe below!

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 2.13.13 PM

Ranch Pasta Salad


  • 1 pkg. Pasta Gardner Fusilli
  • 3 tbsp. shallots, minced
  • 1 ear yellow corn
  • 6 ea scallions, thinly sliced
  • 1 cup Toby’s Ranch Dressing
  • 6 oz. roast chicken meat
  • 5 pieces of bacon
  • 1 tbsp. cilantro, roughly chopped (optional)
  • ¾ tsp. kosher salt
  • ½ tsp. fresh ground black pepper


  1. Bring about 6 quarts of water to a boil.
  2. Once the water is boiling add salt and cook pasta for 2 minutes.
  3. Strain and shock pasta in ice water, drain well. Reserve.
  4. Cook bacon until slightly crisp, cool on paper towels. Cut into bite size pieces.
  5. Cut the corn off the cob, lightly sauté the corn in a little butter. Remove from heat.
  6. Slice scallions thinly on the bias. Mince the shallot.
  7. Cut or pull the chicken in to small pieces.
  8. In a large bowl combine the ranch, shallots, scallions, corn, cilantro (optional), salt and pepper. Mix.
  9. Add the rest of the ingredients – chicken, bacon and pasta. Mix well.
  10. Taste for seasoning, serve right away or refrigerate.

Ranch Pasta Salad made with Toby's Ranch

What do you think of our new recipe cards? Let us know!


Amazing pea salad made with Toby's Ranch Dressing. YUM!

Easy Ranch Pea Salad

Can you believe it? May is here already! I guess that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise… Flowers are popping up in our yards, the trees around our office suddenly full of leaves, and of course, one of our favorites, so many delicious local veggies at the market! With so many delicious farm fresh spring ingredients all around us, what better way to celebrate May, and coincidently, National Salad Month, than with a whole lot of veggies?

It might just be me, but when this time of year rolls around, I have a severe hankering for peas. So, this recipe was a must-have to kick off National Salad Month. It’s a rendition on a classic pea salad recipe that everyone will love, and if you’re feeling a little more adventurous than a classic pea salad, try one of the variations to kick it up a notch. Read on for the recipe, and stay tuned for more. We’ll be sharing new recipes with you all month long!

Pea salad

Ranch Pea Salad

This pea salad made with Toby’s Ranch Dressing is a little more exciting than your standard pea salad (usually made with mayonnaise). Plus, it comes together so quickly! It’s the perfect side for BBQs, potlucks, and spring brunch. If you’re feeling like going beyond the classic pea, try whole pea pods instead or raw broccoli florets. Delicious, fresh, and you get to mix it up a little. As for me, and my spring pea craving, I stuck to the classic peas.

Amazing pea salad with Toby's Ranch Dressing


  • 3 cups fresh peas (frozen works too)
  • 1/2 to 1 cup Toby’s Ranch Dressing or Lite Ranch Dressing (in our books, the more Ranch the better, but we understand not everyone feels this way. Use less if you’re looking for a lighter salad)
  • 1 cup finely cubed cheddar cheese
  • 1/2 red onion, finely chopped


  1. Combine all ingredients.

It’s that easy! Make ahead or serve immediately, but it’s really best when made the night before.

Stay tuned for more recipes for National Salad Month!