Most American Deviled Eggs Ever | Red white and blue amazingness featuring Toby's Jalapeno Ranch Dressing.

The Most American Deviled Eggs, Ever by Fresh Chef Nikki

We’ve been obsessing over Fresh Chef Nikki’s instagram feed, and we are so honored to have a recipe featuring our goodies! Well done Nikki, this is amazing.

Most American Deviled Eggs Ever | Red white and blue amazingness featuring Toby's Jalapeno Ranch Dressing.

From Nikki herself: “As you may know, I’m a huge fan of eggs in all forms and frequently post food photos featuring eggs. I thought I’d make the most American deviled eggs, ever. Hence, these came about. This screams America. I used your Jalapeño Ranch dressing, and it was the perfect addition to the stuffing of the eggs! I absolutely love your product!”


  • 3 medium white potatoes
  • 6 strips bacon
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 4 tbsp. chopped chives
  • 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1/4 tsp truffle salt
  • 1/4 tsp black pepper
  • 1/4 cup Toby’s Jalapeño Ranch dressing
  • 9 hardboiled eggs, peeled
  • 15 drops red and blue food coloring dye
  • 1 cup boiling water + 1 tsp vinegar


Divide boiling water and vinegar evenly into 2 separate Tupperware that can loosely fit 3 eggs each. Add 15 drops blue coloring to one container, and 15 drops red coloring to the other and stir. Add 3 eggs into each container and toss around with a spoon. Frequently roll eggs around to evenly coat with the coloring, let soak for about 10 minutes. Run eggs under cold water, and pat dry. Cut all eggs in half and remove the yolks. To make the filling, bring a medium pot of water with potatoes to a boil, cover, and cook for about 15-20 minutes until fully cooked through. Remove from heat and water and let cool completely. Meanwhile, chop up bacon into as small of pieces as possible, then fry in 1 tsp olive oil until browned and crispy. Reserve 2 tbsp. of the bacon fat for later, and reserve 1/3 of the bacon bits for the garnish. Once the potatoes have completely cooled, peel the skin and dice into small cubes and place in a mixing bowl. Add bacon bits, reserved bacon fat, 3 tbsp. chives, shredded cheese, truffle salt, black pepper, and Toby’s Jalapeño Ranch dressing. Combine all ingredients and set aside. Stuff the eggs with the potato salad, and garnish with remaining bacon bits, chives, and of course, an American flag!
 Most American Deviled Eggs Ever | Red white and blue amazingness featuring Toby's Jalapeno Ranch Dressing.


Don’t forget to follow Nikki for more of her amazing recipes!

Just in time for 4th of July parties this evening, tomorrow, and for years to come. Happy weekend everyone!

Most American Deviled Eggs Ever | Red white and blue amazingness featuring Toby's Jalapeno Ranch Dressing.



Easy Cinco De Mayo Recipe Ideas for Everyone

This Cinco De Mayo go further than just your standard plate of chips & salsa. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite recipe ideas – from tacos and taquitos to salads and nachos we’ve got easy Cinco De Mayo recipe ideas for everyone. I promise there’s something for everyone’s taste buds and diets in here!

Jalapeno Ranch Taquitos

These are a great appetizer or main course item. Usually we’re just snacking at Cinco de Mayo parties, so serve these and watch them disappear. You could get pre-made taquitos and drizzle Jalapeño Ranch on top. Or, you could make them yourself. We rolled up flour tortillas with a mixture of extra firm tofu, beans, veggies, and lots of spices inside. Topped with cheese, a cilantro lime hot sauce and some diced peppers! Pretty presentation and yummy foods.

Jalapeño Ranch tofu enchiladas!



Jalapeño Ranch Sweet Potato Tacos

These tacos are vegetarian-friendly, made with sweet potatoes and black beans. The Jalapeño Ranch Dressing is the perfect pair to liven your veggie tacos up! Get the complete how-to here.

Jalapeño Ranch Sweet Potato Tacos!


Black Bean & Corn Tacos with Jalapeño Ranch

If sweet potatoes aren’t your thing, we suggest these corn & bean tacos drizzled with our Jalapeño Ranch Dressing. I pan fried some leftover corn, black beans and onions with salt and pepper until everything was cooked through. Shredded some cabbage and added diced tomatoes. It tastes most like a fish taco, minus the fish. But, fish would make a delicious addition here, too!

Jalapeño Ranch bean & corn tacos!

Toby’s Tofu Tacos

Not into the Jalapeño Ranch? We’ve got a less-spicy option for you. Try Toby’s Original Spread instead of beans or meat as the protein. Top with greens, cheese, and a salsa verde sauce. Perfect mild-heat, and a delicious combo with our Original Spread.

Tofu Tacos!

Vegan Tacos

Looking for a vegan Cinco de Mayo recipe idea? Try out these vegan tacos, courtesy of our friend Daneka. She’s a huge fan of our lite tofu spreads and makes the most delicious recipes! (She’s got another one down below! Keep scrolling!)

VeganTacos - with toby's tofu

Tacos! I love quinoa taco! And subbed @tobysfoods lite jalapeno tofu spread for the cheese. Vegan tacos for the win!

Photo from @ddaakarma


Everyone has their own special way of making nachos, but no better topping than Toby’s Jalapeño Ranch Dressing. Seriously! Just in case you don’t already know, here’s a 30-second fool proof guide to your perfect nachos.


Jalapeño Ranch Taco Salad

A stand-by favorite recipe for sure. Serve it in a big bowl, like in the original recipe, or get fancy with it and serve on top a wedge of iceberg lettuce. Full recipe details here.

Jalapeño Ranch Wedge Salad!

Vegan Mini Pepper Salad

Vegan Mini Pepper Salad

Salad? Appetizer? Mini peppers with @tobysfoods lite jalapeno vegan tofu dip with avocado and stuff!
Photo from @ddaakarma

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