Now hiring at Toby's & Genesis

In-Store Product Promoters and Brand Ambassadors

Toby’s Family Foods & Genesis Organic Juice are looking for in-store product promoters and brand ambassadors. Your role would be to go into our retail stores for 3-4 hour shifts to sample, inform and educate people about the products and encourage sales. This is a part-time, ongoing contract position.We are looking for enthusiastic, personable and engaging people for demos and events who can share full product knowledge including brand messaging and functional benefits and understanding of how it is different from other products in the industry as well as retail purchase information.Despite adversity, fierce competition, and constant challenges, you are someone who always believes goals can be met, and stretches to make the impossible, possible.Toby’s Family Foods is a growing company, which requires a great deal of flexibility and adapting to change. If that kind of environment stresses you out, you might be happier somewhere else.We are currently looking for promoters in the Portland Metro Area, Seattle Metro Area, and in Northern California (San Francisco Bay Area).


  • Have your own car.
  • Have a cell phone with a camera.
  • Have a flexible schedule, especially with availability weekdays and weekends 10am-2pm or 3-7pm. Weekends are a must!
  • Have never-ending energy and enthusiasm
  • Be a team player
  • Have an interest in health, nutrition, sports or fitness


  • Sample in various stores in your area and periodic local special events
  • Embrace, understand, and implement brand strategy
  • Help drive sales to retail
  • Maintain accuracy of product inventory and tracking
  • Engage consumers at all demos/events while executing specified sampling & promotional activities
  • Provide personal and consumer feedback with daily/weekly recap reports to area account manager
  • Bring materials to and from events
  • Maintain accuracy of product inventory and all field marketing assets
  • Suggest opportunities for future promotional events
  • Offer solutions and direction to best complete market goals as you see opportunities for improvement
  • Take every opportunity to share Genesis & Toby’s products through friends, family, social media, and passive sampling.
  • Stay in compliance with our attire guidelines at all times


  • Remarkably outgoing personality — willing to talk to anyone at anytime
  • Experience with sampling and demo marketing is a plus
  • Ability to quickly set up, execute and tear down promotional items
  • Highly motivated to be a part of dynamic company with incredible products
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Ability to multi-task while creatively and effectively solving problems
  • Enjoy face-to-face contact with consumers
  • Passion and dedication to the brand
  • Able to lift 25+ lbs.
  • Flexible schedule especially with weekends and weekdays 10am-2pm and 3-7pm

Interested in working with us but have a different skill set? That’s ok. We’re always looking for passionate people to join our team. Contact us.

To apply, send your resume and letter of interest to hayley AT tobysfamilyfoods DOT com

Job Type:
Required experience:
sampling and demo marketing: 1 year
Required license or certification:
Drivers License

Now Hiring: Food production

How would you like to be part of our unique process? Interested in finding a job in food production, right here in the Eugene and Springfield area? We’re hiring for a food production team member here at Toby’s Family Foods and Genesis Organic Juice.

We are looking to add a team member to our production crew. Potential applicants should work well with others, enjoy a fast paced environment and have the ability to lift 40lbs regularly. A license and clean driving record is preferred.

We generally work Monday through Friday with standard and some swing shifts available. However, production demands will dictate the exact schedule.

Starting wage depends on experience and skill set.

Still interested?! We want to meet you!

Drop off your resume at our facility located at 1160 Shelley Street in Springfield, Oregon.

5 ways to repurpose containers in your garden

It’s Earth Day and that got us thinking over here at Toby’s and Genesis. While our packaging is fully recyclable, it’s always easier on the environment to reuse and repurpose before recycling. Just like yogurt containers and water bottles, there’s no reason not to repurpose the packaging when you can!

Since it’s prime planting season around Eugene, we took used Toby’s and Genesis containers to the garden. Here’s just a quick list of easy things to do in your garden this spring and summer. And, most of these are kid-friendly, so they make great family and weekend crafts!

5 ways torepurpose containers for

Start seeds

When it’s too cold to start seeds in the ground or outside, Toby’s Tofu containers (especially the larger ones) are a great way to get them going. And, they’re the perfect size to hold most baby plants until they’re ready to be transferred outside. Just remember to poke a hole in the bottom of the container to allow for drainage!


Pro Tip: When you’re trying to get your seeds to germinate, set them in front of a window and use a Toby’s Dressing bottle as mini make-shift greenhouse. Genesis Juice bottles work for this too, but they can be a little tiny depending on what you’re growing.

mini greenhouse

Pest control
If you’re having problems with slugs in your garden, dig a little hole the size of a small Toby’s Tofu container near any plants you’re worried about. Place the Toby’s Tofu container so it’s level with the ground, and fill with beer or salted water. To bait your pests even more, cover the rim with sliced potatoes.



Effective watering

Take a hammer and large nail to an extra (empty) Genesis Juice bottle, and make several holes up and down the container. If you’re having trouble getting large enough holes, you might want to quickly take a drill to the container. Dig a hole in the garden next to a plant that needs base watering (nightshades, especially). Water inside the juice bottle from now on, and you’ll be watering the roots instead of the leaves!


Bird feeder
This one requires a little more hands-on work, so turn it into a fun family craft. The kids will love it! You’ll need one small Toby’s Tofu container (without the lid), one empty bottle of Genesis Juice, a knife, and strong glue.


Process:  With the knife, slice a few small squares around the base of the juice bottle (between 1/4 and 1/2 inch), to allow for the filling of the bottom of the feeder. Next, take your glue (we recommend hot glue if you’re not hanging it and something stronger, like super glue, if you are hanging it) and generously apply to the bottom of the juice bottle. Firmly press the juice bottle to the center of the Toby’s container (as shown below).


Wait for the glue to dry fully (shouldn’t take long, depending on the glue you used). Fill the juice bottle with bird seed, and get ready for the birds!

Vases (for when you’re cutting flowers out of your garden!)
You could really get crafty with these, like covering in decoupage or painting them, but we like them just how they are! They’re so delicate with just a few flowers, and they really brightened up our office! 


(Side note: these didn’t come from our garden, it’s a little too early for our own flowers!)

What else could you do with our packaging? We’d love to find more ideas. Send us your creative ideas, and we’ll repost them!