4 Halloween Party Ideas | Toby's Family Foods

4 Halloween Party Ideas

Personally, I’ve never really been a big Halloween fan but something about this year something is different. I’m really excited about all the fun food, decorations, and spooky spirit. I’m still out of luck with a costume, but my decorations and finger foods are all set with these four party ideas. Now, just on to carving pumpkins and browsing Pinterest for an easy costume idea.

We’ve rounded up and tested these four Halloween party ideas, and they’re so adorable! From spooky appetizers to fun DIY projects, we’ve got it covered. How will you be celebrating?

 4 Halloween Party Ideas | Toby's Family Foods

4 Halloween Party Ideas

1. Spooky Eyeball Appetizers

Spooky appetizers covered. Toby’s Tofu Spread on an Edward & Sons Trading Co., Inc. rice cracker, drizzled with Sriracha and topped with a sliced olive. Muahhahahahaha!

Spooky Eyeball Appetizers | 4 Halloween Party Ideas

2. Skeleton Veggie Tray

How fun is this? A dancing skeleton with a bowl ranch for a head! Just make sure each layer of your veggies are evenly spaced from the center of the board – he’s a little lopsided in ours. Start with the feet placed in the right spot, and you should be good! Or, just use a bigger board. Just remember your skeleton will be hard to move around.


Skeleton Veggie Tray | 4 Halloween Party Ideas

3. Pumpkin Veggie Tray & Dip


This pumpkin veggie tray & dip would work great for Halloween or Thanksgiving. Hallow out a mini pumpkin or squash like this one, and scoop in your dip. We made it easy on ourselves and scooped in some of our Toby’s Tofu Spread & Dip, but you could use a homemade dip if you really wanted to (no one would know if you didn’t!).

Pumpkin Veggie Tray & Dip | 4 Halloween Party Ideas


4. DIY Pumpkin Luminaries

We saw this idea on Pinterest, and figured we could use some of our old dressing jars in place of mason jars. So we did. It just takes a couple of coats of paint and a good quality sharpie. We set a few tea light candles in the open jars and let the pumpkins glow!

DIY Pumpkin Luminaries | 4 Halloween Party Ideas