Toby’s Tofu Spreads & Dips

Toby’s tofu spreads and dips have it all: They’re delicious, packed with protein, and completely versatile. Spread the dip on cracker or in a sandwich; it makes a great replacement for mayo. Add a dollop to your salad for a boost of protein, or dip in your favorite fruits and veggies to get some delicious plant-based protein on the go.

You might be thinking: where’d you even get the idea for tofu spread? Well.. while running a restaurant and pregnant with her third child, Toby started concocting her tofu spreads to fuel her through the long days. She needed a nutritious snack to munch on when she didn’t have time for a sit-down meal. Her friends loved them too—so much that they urged (more like endlessly begged) her to sell them at local health food stores. The rest is history.

Don’t knock it until you try it. If we didn’t tell you it was tofu, you’d never know. Get the 8-ounce or 14-ounce size (we get requests for bigger sizes all the time, so you might want to pick up some extras). Any way you go, the flavor is immeasurable.

Toby's Original Tofu Spread

Original Tofu Spread & Dip

Toby's Lite Tofu Spread

Lite Tofu Spread & Dip


Toby's Jalapeno Tofu Spread

Jalapeno Tofu Spread & Dip


Toby's Lite Jalapeno Tofu Spread

Lite Jalapeno