In our perfect world, all of our ingredients would be sourced locally from independent growers and producers, completely unprocessed, and all organic (which includes non-GMO). You might say it’s unrealistic, but we can aspire.


We started in Eugene in the 1970’s with a lot of other food companies, like Nancy’s Yogurt, Coconut Bliss, Emerald Valley, and we even share a parking lot with So Delicious. So, you could say that local businesses are an important part of who we are.

We want to source as locally as possible, and sometimes that means that we can’t get it all organic or all at the lowest price. But, for us, supporting our local producers is a priority. Most of the time we choose supporting our local farmers doing the best they can do. If what we need isn’t grown locally, we turn to a local business that sells high-quality ingredients from producers far away that meet our perfect world standards.


Long ago, organic was the norm. It wasn’t specialty; all the pesticides and herbicides, genetic modification of seeds, and preservatives in foods just hadn’t been invented yet.

Rooted in reality, we’ve accepted that not everything can be organic and affordable in the ways we’d like to see them. So, we choose our ingredients carefully, ask our producers how exactly the ingredients are treated, and we opt for organic whenever possible. We have our non-negotiables: we always choose non-GMO soy, non-GMO canola, and organic cane sugar.