Where do your ingredients come from?

We buy our ingredients from local sources first. For instance, the yogurt and sour cream in our salad dressings come from the Springfield Creamery and our buttermilk comes from our neighbors at Lochmead Dairy.

Do you use preservatives in any of your products?

Absolutely not! We produce everything in small batches using the highest quality ingredients for an unbeatable flavor. We do not add preservatives, artificial flavors or colors or MSG.

There is a lot of information out there about the pros and cons of soy. What’s your take on soy?

The up’s and down’s of soy is a long story. Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering its merits:

Not all soy is created equal. Whole soybeans are difficult for humans to digest. Soy powders and isolates are very hard to digest. Tempeh and tofu are much easier to digest, because of the way in which they are made. Most of the research decrying soy was based on products containing highly processed soy powders and isolates.

Soy powders and isolates are used as fillers in countless products. Because the US is the largest producer of soybeans, we are always looking for ways to use more soy. As a result, consumers are getting much more soy in their diet than they know. The soy they are unknowingly consuming is generally GMO soy powders and isolates.

Most of the research criticizing soy was done by the meat and dairy industries. Both industries have been negatively impacted by the growing popularity of soy products.

We like tofu and tempeh. Humans have enjoyed the nutritional benefits of tofu and tempeh for thousands of years. No matter how much negative research is funded by the meat and dairy industry, both history and unbiased science has proven, tofu and tempeh are nutritionally beneficial. However, beware, most Americans unknowingly consume way too much highly processed soy, found in products like crackers, cereals and hot dogs.

Are any of your products Vegan?

Our Lite Tofu Dip and Lite Jalapeno Tofu Dip are indeed Vegan.

Are your products Gluten Free?


Why are your products not labeled as Gluten Free?

Gluten Free certifications require each and every batch to be tested. We make everything to order in small batches. For a small, hands-on facility like ours, testing would be both cost and time prohibitive.

Why is expeller pressed oil better?

Expeller pressed oils are extracted using a physical press to squeeze the oil from the seed, legume, fruit or vegetable.

Most oils are extracted using a chemical process. The raw material is placed in a chamber, which is then filled with gas (usually hexane). The gas is pushed through the product, stripping out the oil. This oil is then soaked in a solvent to remove any remaining gas. The oil is then heated so that the remaining solvent evaporates.

This process sounds unnatural and potentially dangerous to us, so we choose not to use ingredients produced in this way.

Why aren’t your products 100% organic?

We wish they were, but some ingredients are not available in a 100% organic form. Other 100% organic ingredients are too costly and would push our retail price above what our customers are willing to pay.

You as the consumer vote with your dollars and make increasingly healthier buying choices, our hope is that the industry will respond and organic ingredients will become more available and affordable for us all.

Are your Products Kosher?

Yes. Our products are certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union.

Your salad dressings taste way too delicious to be dairy-free. Are they?

Nope. Our salad dressings are buttermilk based and may contain sour cream, yogurt and various cheeses.

Making the Salad Dressings & Tofu Dips

What do you do to protect against potential allergen contamination?

First and foremost, we follow strict GMP’s (Good Manufacture Practices), HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points) plans and CI (continuous improvement) philosophies. These three systems combine to provide the framework for identifying problems, finding solutions, verifying the effectiveness of the solutions and then improving upon our methods.

We are accountable to the FDA, the ODA (Oregon Department of Agriculture), Orthodox Union and Oregon Tilth, who regularly inspect our facility and confirm that we have indeed done our due diligence to eliminate potential allergen contamination.

Buying Toby’s Dressings & Tofu Dips

You guys are so cool. Where can I buy Toby’s Family Foods products?

Toby’s products are available in Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona, Idaho, Montana and Alaska. Not all products are available in each state. If you can’t find Toby’s at your favorite store, ask the store manager to add it. Please use our store locator to find the store nearest you.

I’m panicking. My grocery store doesn’t carry your products! What should I do?

Request it, request it and request it! You’ll be surprised how responsive your local grocer is to your requests. If they still won’t carry it, Contact Us and we will see what we can do.

Stores in my area do not carry your dips or dressings; can you ship directly to me?

Our products need to be kept refrigerated to ensure optimum flavor and nutrition. Shipping refrigerated directly to customers is cost prohibitive at this time. Your best bet is to contact your local grocer and request our products.

Do you have any specials, discounts, or coupons available for your products?

Sometimes we put various products on special in your local grocery store. We also do in store demonstrations and participate in a variety of events where we sample our products and offer coupons for your next purchase.

Product Questions

Are your Tofu dips non-GMO?

Toby’s dips are non-GMO. The tofu is 100% organic and the oil in the mayo is expeller pressed non-GMO.

Are your dressing’s non-GMO?

The oil in the mayo is expeller pressed non-GMO. The cheeses and cheese pastes are non-GMO.

The buttermilk is made from milk, from cows that are antibiotic and hormone free. However, the small local dairy, which produces our buttermilk, grows its own alfalfa feed. Because all the alfalfa grown in the Willamette Valley is GMO, this dairy must grow GMO alfalfa too. If they were to switch to non-GMO or organic alfalfa, their crop would soon be cross-pollinated by their neighbor’s alfalfa field, converting it to a GMO crop.

For this reason alone we strongly oppose GMO’s.

So, the answer is ‘No.’ Our dressings are not non-GMO because our local source of buttermilk is unable to grow non-GMO feed at this time.

I am an avid label reader when I shop for my family. Can you tell me about the Canola Oil you use in your Salad Dressings?

Have no fear. We use Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil, which uses no chemicals or solvents in its extraction process. Nutritionally, Canola oil is high in omega 6, omega 3, and vitamin E and on par with well-known healthy oils such as Olive Oil. Our canola oil is also GMO free and has no trans-fat.

Yesterday I noticed that my Toby’s salad dressing separated at the bottom of the jar. What does this mean?
This is a perfectly normal separation. Common kitchen ingredients like oil and water will separate. The separation is naturally occurring. You can shake or stir the dressing to properly recombine ingredients.

How long do your tofu dips and salad dressings last?

The dressings and dips have an “Enjoy by” date printed on the lid. We recommend the dip or dressing be consumed by this date. Under ideal circumstances our products will last well beyond this date, but we cannot guarantee the freshness, quality or safety beyond this date.

How long will your dips and dressings last after I open the container?

We recommend consuming the product within 5 days of opening the container. Exposing the product to the air, other food, heat, etc. will immediately begin to degrade the product. Depending on these factors, the product may last well beyond 5 days or may only last 1 day.

Does your Dip and or dressings have to be refrigerated?

Yes, we recommend refrigerating our products at all times. Refrigeration ensures that taste nutrition and safety are maintained.

I want to take my Toby’s tofu spread on a ski trip. What happens if it freezes?

You can freeze the dip, but you may not like the result. While it is still perfectly safe to eat (thawed or still frozen), changes in its consistency make it less creamy and grittier. If this doesn’t bother you, go right ahead and freeze the stuff. We won’t rain on your parade.

My refrigerator is full but my cupboards are bare. Can I keep my tofu spread in a drawer?

If your drawer is 38° you can keep your tofu spread in it. Refrigeration is a must for this all-natural, fresh food. Naturally, you’ll want to set it on the counter from time to time for brief periods in order to more easily access the tasty goodness within the package. This is acceptable.

My roommate stares at me oddly when I eat Toby’s tofu spread with a spoon. Is there something else I can do with it?

The real question is, “What can’t you do with Toby’s tofu spread?” In all honesty, it’s not so great as an ice cream topping, but other options are endless. Spread it on a bagel, a cracker, toast points (another fancy French idea), apple or pear slices. Dip broccoli, red peppers and chips. Add it to a salad of cucumbers and tomato. Spread it in a sandwich with tomatoes and cheese. Possibilities are (nearly) endless. Check out our recipe section.

Can I cook with the Tofu Dips?

Sure. It will still be safe to eat, but heat will change the consistency and texture, so proceed with caution.

I’d like to stock up on Toby’s tofu spread in case of an emergency tofu spread craving. How long does it last?

You’ve got the right idea. Our tofu spreads are a freshly made product. There are no preservatives, so we recommend eating it often and in large quantities. There is a date on the side of the lid that indicates the “use by” date. You should eat it by this date, or discard it.

I have separation anxieties. Yesterday I noticed that my Toby’s salad dressings separate at the bottom when they sit. Help.

This is a perfectly normal separation. Common kitchen ingredients like oil and water will separate (and with no bad feelings about it). The separation is naturally occurring and you can shake or stir the dressing to mix things up again.

About Toby’s

What’s the story behind Toby’s?

We started in the 1970s as a booth at the Eugene Saturday Market. There’s a lot more story to tell, so check it our on the Our Story page.

Is Toby’s Family Foods really family-owned?

[Yep! We’ve been around almost 40 years, and we’re still family-owned and operated. Toby has stepped down, and the company is now run by Jonah, her son. Read more about our history on the Our Story page.

For Stores & Restaurants

I own a restaurant and would like to add your Tofu Dip and/or Salad Dressings to our menu. Is this possible?

Yes, we would love to see our products on your menu. Contact Us for more information.

My store would like to add your delicious products to our shelves. How can we do this?

Great news! We’d love to see our stuff at your store. Send us a note on our Contact Us page, and we’ll get back to you soon.