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Wish our products came in gallon sizes? Want to request a new flavor? Giving us love on the last thing you ate? Have a favorite recipe to share? Love it or hate it, we are here to listen.

We (remember: we’re real people, not robots) read every single email we get and we’ll get back to you. Not with a copy and paste response, with our real typed thoughts, and probably an offer for coupons. So share your thoughts and contact us, and we’ll 100% consider what you have to say.

Sometimes we go home and tell our families about the nice people who sent us mail about our tofu spread and salad dressings. You make our day.

Contact Us

Send us a note with your comments, questions, or feedback and we will get back to you as soon as we are able. We're real people - we do read and respond to (that's why we ask for your email) every single email that comes our way. 

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Toby’s Family Foods is the sister company of Genesis Organic Juice. We think you’ll love our organic juices and other drinks as much as you love our dressings and tofu dips!