Conscious Choices

We do the best we can with our foods, but hey, nobody’s perfect. As a growing business rooted in the real world, we have some serious decisions to make. Around here, we call them conscious choices.

Everyone makes conscious choices. There are so many things you feel like you should be doing, wish you could be doing, or causes you should be more educated about. They’re at work, at home, with friends, and with family.

These days, there is a lot of pressure to make conscious choices about everything. From your carbon footprint to what you’re feeding your family, there’s a lot to consider. You make specific choices to live better or worse every single day, but we know that not everyone’s perfect – including ourselves. There’s so many things you feel like you should be doing, wish you could be doing, or causes you should be more educated about.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. It’s overwhelming.

When it comes down to it, there’s only so much time in the day, mind-power, and money to go around, so you have to pick and choose what you can dedicate yourself to. And we say, that’s ok. If we band together, educate ourselves, and find the things that really resonate, we can (and will!) make a difference.

Here’s what we’re doing already and where we hope we can improve.

  • Local Sourcing – we already source as locally as we can right now, but as an ever reaching goal, we hope to increase our local sourcing and quality of ingredients.
  • Everything Organic – while we don’t use 100% organic ingredients, we do purchase organic when we are able to do so. We hope to transition to 100% organic some day. For now, we choose our organic ingredients carefully. For example, we choose organic tofu since there is a high possibility for GMO contamination with soybeans.
  • High Quality Expeller Pressed Oils – most companies out there use highly processed, chemically extracted oils. Not us. We only choose expeller pressed oils that are not heated, not chemically extracted, and maintain their flavor. In a perfect world, we would use an olive or avocado oil, but right now that would drive our prices up too much. We’re always exploring other options but for now, we’re confident in our choices.

We want to expand more on the ingredients you care about, so vote to tell us where you stand. We’re always listening to your questions, concerns, and suggestions. So, keep them coming! As we take on new projects to improve our products and come closer to meeting our perfect-world aspirations, we’ll update them here. Keep checking back.