Last Minute Christmas Veggie Trays

Holiday potlucks are great – until it’s about an hour before and you realize you have nothing to bring. Enter our last minute Christmas veggie trays.

These Christmas veggie trays are great for more than just your work potluck, too. For Christmas dinner, if you’re not hosting you’re often tasked with bringing appetizers or a tray of goodies. We say, don’t just buy some pre-made veggie tray and risk the maltodextrin, MSG, modified food starch, artificial colors and flavors, etc. etc. etc. Forget all those disgusting ingredients in those other veggie trays (mostly, in those dressings that come with them) and old veggies that may or may not have been sitting around or browning. Easier said than done, right?

Nope! We’ve got you covered. These last minute Christmas veggie trays are easy to pull together and about as festive as you can get. We love these unique and last minute Christmas veggie tray ideas – perfect for work potlucks, family dinners, holiday parties, ulgy sweater parties, white elephant parties, and pretty much whatever else you may do this December.

Your friends and family will be totally impressed – especially when you pair it with Toby’s. Who can really be disappointed? (No one!)

Veggie Ornament

Our first favorite last minute Christmas veggie tray is this veggie ornament.

We decided to take a rimmed, circle plate and decorate it with veggies to make it look like a giant ornament. Easy, peasy. Veggies you need: baby carrots, grape tomatoes, and sliced cucumbers. Grab a jar of Toby’s Ranch and watch your beautiful veggie ornament tray disappear.

If you have the space, we suggest decorating the table with a few ornaments and adding a little square piece of paper to give the ornament effect!

Veggie Ornament

Veggie Santa

This one is my personal favorite. It’s still easy to put together and but adds a few more veggies to the mix and takes just a little more creativity. You could also make this on an oval plate or a square plate and make the hat and beard a little longer. But, the nice thing is that they can both be made on matching plates.

Again, all you’ll need: grape tomatoes, cauliflower florets, baby carrots, and sliced cucumbers. Grab a jar of Toby’s dressing, we suggest Blue Cheese, and serve them up!

Veggie Santa

More Last Minute Christmas Veggie Ideas

Of course, we come up with some fun veggie ideas every year (that’s what we’re good for!), so we have some great ideas from last year that are worth checking out again. See them here.

Are your creative juices flowing this holiday season? We’d love to hear your ideas. Share whatyour best last minute Christmas veggie tray idea? are, and we might just send you some Toby’s goodies to ring in the new year.


Since they use almost the same veggies, it’s easy enough to go beyond the call of duty for person in charge of veggie appetizers, and bring them both! You just might outshine the rest of the dishes.
Last Minute Christmas Veggie Trays with Toby's

Veggie Turkey for Thanksgiving #fallingforTobys

Falling For Toby’s

It’s November already! We’re getting festive and would love to have you join the fall fun! We’re hosting a giveaway & contest all around this beautiful season and all the amazing food that comes with it.


You know those really cute holiday-themed appetizers you see on Pinterest? We want to recreate them for Thanksgiving! We’re asking that you create your own harvest-themed trays a share a photo or repost one you found and LOVE (just be sure to credit the source). Check out our Pinterest Board for inspiration and to see some entries!

Rules are you can snap your own creative trays or just repost your inspiration (with credit to the source). Full directions for how to post below. No requirements for including a Toby’s dressing or spread!

We’ll pick one GRAND PRIZE winner, and three other runner up winners, all will receive lots of Toby’s goodies!

If you post to the hashtag, we’ll send you a coupon for your next purchase, too. So, really, everyone is a winner so you should absolutely join the fall fun!

Falling For Tobys


On Instagram:

  1. Upload a photo to Instagram showing us a fall veggie spread (can be your own or an inspiring one your found). Account must be public!
  2. Include #FallingForTobys and tag @TobysFoods in the caption.

On Facebook:

  1. If you prefer to enter on Facebook, upload your fall veggie spread to our Facebook page (just make sure it’s a public post!).


  1. One grand prize winner will win a $50 gift card plus a box of your choice of Toby’s goodies, just in time for holiday entertaining! Three runner-ups will win a Toby’s prize pack. Giveaway opens through 11/21, and winner will be announced on 11/22 so check back! No Purchase Required. Legal Residents of US 18+. Void where prohibited.

Here are are few more ideas to get you started!

Veggies & A Mason Jar Turkey for Thanksgiving #fallingforTobys Veggie Turkey for Thanksgiving #fallingforTobys Veggie Turkey for Thanksgiving #fallingforTobys Harvest Veggies for Thanksgiving #fallingforTobys15433691ab78a7ddd4d1172dc2d0bb93

And, who could forget, the fun video we made for last year!

Now, get to work and post yours before 11/21 just tag us @TobysFoods and include #FallingForTobys

Make these Easy Easter Appetizers - perfect fun ways to eat this Easter!

Easy Easter Appetizers

While I may have a long-time fear of the Easter bunny, or really anything in a mascot-like costume, I guess there are other parts of Easter I can get on board with. I’ve always wanted to try dying Easter Eggs naturally – like with turmeric, beets, or something similar. I think I’ll try my hand at the whole natural easter egg dye project this year. But, more exciting – for me anyway – are these Easy Easter Appetizers.

We came up with some delicious ideas perfect for appetizers, Easter Bunny treats (if you must!), or fun ways to get kiddos involved in the food prepping fun

Make these Easy Easter Appetizers - perfect fun ways to eat this Easter!

Easter Bunny Carrot Treats

Love this idea! Shred some carrots, get some broccoli florets, and cut up a few pieces of pita bread into the shape of triangles. Slather on some Toby’s Tofu Spread, and arrange like the photo shows – into carrots!

Make these Easter Bunny Carrot treats - perfect fun way to eat veggies this Easter!

What you’ll need:

  • Shredded carrots
  • Broccoli florets
  • Pita breads
  • Tofu Spreads

Just like magic, you have these super cute springtime or Easter Bunny Treats. Filled with spring veggies and just too adorable to pass up.

Easter Egg Toasts

These are adorable and just the right amount of spicy. Probably not suitable for kiddos sensitive to spice – but you could use another kind of less-spicy sauce for the colored decoration. Or, you could use little veggies – olives, sliced tomatoes, herbs – as the decoration instead. But for us, there’s not a whole lot better than Toby’s Tofu Spread on toast with a little bit of hot sauce!

Easy Easter Egg Toasts - Perfect for Easter Appetizers!

What you’ll need:

  • Sandwich bread for toasting
  • Easter egg cookie cutter
  • Hot sauce (we used sriracha)
  • Tofu Spreads (recommend Lite or Original, not jalapeño flavors!)


  1. Cut your bread with a cookie cutter (or a knife works too). Toast.
  2. Spread Toby’s on your Easter Egg toast. Drizzle with hot sauce.


Veggie Christmas Tree | Making veggies fun for Christmas

Irresistible Christmas Veggies

Toby created her homemade dressings get her two young boys to eat their veggies. It was such a hit that they complained when the veggie platter wasn’t a part of dinner.

So true to Toby’s initial mission to make veggies irresistible to her kids, we’re sharing some deliciously fun veggie spread and salad ideas for your Christmas celebrations!

Christmas Tree Veggie Platter

First up, this delicious Christmas tree veggie platter. Use broccoli florets for the greenery and cherry tomatoes for the ornaments. We used a sliced cucumber for the base, and of course, couldn’t leave the tree without a topper. Slice a piece of cheese and use a star-shaped cookie cutter for the top! Simple and irresistible.


Veggie Christmas Tree | Irresistible Christmas Veggies

Christmas Wreath Veggie Spread

If you need a few veggie trays for the table or Christmas trees just aren’t your thing – try this veggie wreath. It’s even easier than the tree, and just as irresistible. We suggest a ranch pairing.

Veggie Christmas Wreath | Irresistible Christmas Veggies

Christmas Wreath Salad

Same idea as the veggie wreath, just with salad instead! Serve everyone their own individual salads or make a large serving size instead. One of our favorite holiday salad recipes is mixed baby greens, apples, blue cheese, and dried cranberries all topped with Toby’s Blue Cheese.

Wreath Salad | Irresistible Christmas Veggies


Apple Salad

In case your kiddos really turn their nose at anything salad-like (Toby’s kids definitely did, so you’re not alone!). Slice up an apple, stuff dried cranberries and pieces of chopped kale (we used baby kale), and drizzle Toby’s Blue Cheese on top, and top with more blue cheese! Who can say no to that?! It might be a little difficult for kids to eat, so you might just want this one for the big-kids table.

Apple Salad | Irresistible Christmas Veggies

Now you have all that it takes to make irresistible Christmas veggies!

Holiday Canapes | Canapes

Holiday Canapés

Canapés are the perfect holiday appetizer because they’re bite sized, delicious, and, most importantly, easy to put together. Have people make their own with a little canapé bar, or serve up some of your favorites.

In case you’re a little lost, we put together this fool-proof guide to making perfect canapés with our tofu spreads and a few recipes for our favorite holiday canapés.

Start with a cracker or sliced veggie (like thinly sliced cucumber rounds). Scoop Toby’s tofu – either with a melon baller or a pastry bag for the perfect presentation. Top with another veggie, like halved cherry tomatoes, something pickled, or some avocado. Garnish with a drop of balsamic reduction, a dash of hot sauce or with sprouts and herbs.

Holiday Canapés | A guide to perfect canapés

And, here are some photos for inspiration!

Limitless canape options!

Put together a variety for your guests to snack on! Our personal favorite is a cracker, sweet pickle and Toby’s Jalapeno Tofu Spread.

Holiday Canapes | Tofu Canapes

This is a picture from a holiday party I just went to. Needless to say, they didn’t last long!

Holiday Canapes | Canapes

Try slices of pita bread and some spicy options with pickled jalapeños and a dash of hot sauce. We recommend going with the original or lite tofu spreads for the hotter ones. And, you don’t have to just stick to tofu spreads! Try them out with our dressings, too. Two of our favorites are the Honey Mustard with apples and dried cranberries or Blue Cheese on top of veggies and a cracker (photos above).

Or, get a little creative in your presentation. We like these Christmas-themed appetizer ideas: a santa & a wreath!

Santa crackers! How adorable are these for Christmas appetizers? Try bell peppers instead of pepperoni for a veggie-friendly swap. And, Toby's Tofu Spreads instead of cream cheese (just pipe out of a small sized pastry bag)

Toby's Tofu Holiday Wreath

This one we’re pretty proud of – check out these easy to put together, festive wreaths! We used bell pepper slices for the red bows and a green pea (you could use capers, too) as garnish!


Stay tuned on our Pinterest boards and Instagram for more holiday party ideas!




4 Halloween Party Ideas | Toby's Family Foods

4 Halloween Party Ideas

Personally, I’ve never really been a big Halloween fan but something about this year something is different. I’m really excited about all the fun food, decorations, and spooky spirit. I’m still out of luck with a costume, but my decorations and finger foods are all set with these four party ideas. Now, just on to carving pumpkins and browsing Pinterest for an easy costume idea.

We’ve rounded up and tested these four Halloween party ideas, and they’re so adorable! From spooky appetizers to fun DIY projects, we’ve got it covered. How will you be celebrating?

 4 Halloween Party Ideas | Toby's Family Foods

4 Halloween Party Ideas

1. Spooky Eyeball Appetizers

Spooky appetizers covered. Toby’s Tofu Spread on an Edward & Sons Trading Co., Inc. rice cracker, drizzled with Sriracha and topped with a sliced olive. Muahhahahahaha!

Spooky Eyeball Appetizers | 4 Halloween Party Ideas

2. Skeleton Veggie Tray

How fun is this? A dancing skeleton with a bowl ranch for a head! Just make sure each layer of your veggies are evenly spaced from the center of the board – he’s a little lopsided in ours. Start with the feet placed in the right spot, and you should be good! Or, just use a bigger board. Just remember your skeleton will be hard to move around.


Skeleton Veggie Tray | 4 Halloween Party Ideas

3. Pumpkin Veggie Tray & Dip


This pumpkin veggie tray & dip would work great for Halloween or Thanksgiving. Hallow out a mini pumpkin or squash like this one, and scoop in your dip. We made it easy on ourselves and scooped in some of our Toby’s Tofu Spread & Dip, but you could use a homemade dip if you really wanted to (no one would know if you didn’t!).

Pumpkin Veggie Tray & Dip | 4 Halloween Party Ideas


4. DIY Pumpkin Luminaries

We saw this idea on Pinterest, and figured we could use some of our old dressing jars in place of mason jars. So we did. It just takes a couple of coats of paint and a good quality sharpie. We set a few tea light candles in the open jars and let the pumpkins glow!

DIY Pumpkin Luminaries | 4 Halloween Party Ideas


What to do with salad dressing

Our salad dressings are way more than just a dip for veggies! While your heart and tastebuds may be content eating our salad dressings right out of the bottle, someday you might find yourself asking, “What can I do with salad dressing?”

So, we’re here to preemptively answer your question of what to do with salad dressing.

Check out our little chart of ways to use salad dressing in more ways that a dip for chips and veggies! We’ve got even more recipe links and ideas at the bottom – keep scrolling!



Simple Salad Ideas:


Dipping Sauce:

  • This veggie recipe goes a little beyond dipping sauce, and mixes our Honey Mustard Dressing with baked potatoes and green beans. If the weather isn’t too hot where you are, try it!

Replace for Sour Cream:

  • Just like sour cream, sometimes our dressings fall apart and taste different if you heat them, so anywhere you would use sour cream as a topping, you can use dressing instead (extra flavor!)
  • Try our Jalapeño Ranch with guacamole and salsa as part of a gourmet chip and dip set up.
  • Try our ranch or blue cheese in a baked potato.
  • In the summertime, you could even drizzle a little ranch or blue cheese in a gazpacho soup. Yum!


Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

As you may know, Toby’s Family Foods is named after Toby, a mother to three. Toby started making our dressings as a way to get the kids to eat their veggies, and our tofu pate was created when Toby needed a plant-based way to get her protein when she was pregnant with her third child.

So, Mother’s Day tugs at our heartstrings here at Toby’s & Genesis. In celebration of all the wonderful mothers out there, here are some ideas to show her how much you appreciate her and all the work she does.

Just like Toby’s all these recipes and Mother’s Day brunch ideas are vegetarian friendly, so you can have a Vegetarian Mother’s Day if that’s what you’re looking for!


Breakfast in Bed

If mom is sleeping in this Mother’s Day, or if you want to get up early to surprise her, try one of these ideas. And really, who doesn’t love breakfast in bed?!

The food:

Call ahead to her favorite bakery and order some scones, special pastries, or see if they have any specials for Mother’s Day. Arrange the pick up for the day before (just be sure to keep them sealed up and hidden from mom!) or go early in the morning and pick them up.

The drinks:

In addition to coffee or tea (especially if they’re part of mom’s normal routine) smoothies are easy to serve and drink in bed and pair perfectly with a some delicious baked goods. Try this Tropical Bliss Smoothie to really wow mom!


The look:

The tray is important! You’ve got to get all the goodies from the kitchen to the bedroom. Make sure it’s clean and it looks nice. If you’re serving a smoothie, consider serving it in a new smoothie cup she can take on the go (your present to her) or a new mug that has her initials on it with piping hot coffee or tea. Just make sure not to fill any of the cups too full and cover up any drinks you can! And, don’t forget the napkins in case you do make any spills on the way or the little ones are delivering

Brunch with Family

If you’re hosting or attending a larger family brunch with lots of mom generations, try some of these ideas. Sure to please everyone from new moms to grandmas.

Mothers Day Brunch

The food:

What’s more elegant than mini tea sandwiches? We can’t think of much! Tea sandwiches are beautiful (and easy) ways to serve a crowd. Try these Healthier Egg Salad Sandwiches made with our tofu spread instead of mayo. Cut them up into even smaller pieces to really make the presentation! And, don’t forget your Easy Ranch Pea Salad (pictured in the back). It makes for a great family-friendly recipe people of all ages just won’t be able to get enough of!

Serve a little sweet with these delicious Orange Blueberry Bread Pudding Muffins. Opt for whatever bread suits your diet. And, best of all, they can be made ahead!


The drinks:

For a family brunch, we’d say a little mock mimosa is the best way to go for your beverages. Give the kids (and adults) something fun to make for themselves. Offer a few different Genesis Juices and serve with club soda to give a little sparkle to the juice.

For the adults in the room, you could also serve champagne and let your guests pick and choose what kind of mimosa they’d like to try. 


The look:

Label everything, and you’re going to want to bring the recipes – because they’re sure to please! Don’t forget to bring a bouquet of flowers, too. Sure to brighten up any table and celebrate this beautiful Spring weather.

Now, get cooking, ordering, labeling, shopping, or whatever you need to complete your Mother’s Day weekend!

From our family to yours, Happy Mother’s Day!

5 ways to repurpose containers in your garden

It’s Earth Day and that got us thinking over here at Toby’s and Genesis. While our packaging is fully recyclable, it’s always easier on the environment to reuse and repurpose before recycling. Just like yogurt containers and water bottles, there’s no reason not to repurpose the packaging when you can!

Since it’s prime planting season around Eugene, we took used Toby’s and Genesis containers to the garden. Here’s just a quick list of easy things to do in your garden this spring and summer. And, most of these are kid-friendly, so they make great family and weekend crafts!

5 ways torepurpose containers for

Start seeds

When it’s too cold to start seeds in the ground or outside, Toby’s Tofu containers (especially the larger ones) are a great way to get them going. And, they’re the perfect size to hold most baby plants until they’re ready to be transferred outside. Just remember to poke a hole in the bottom of the container to allow for drainage!


Pro Tip: When you’re trying to get your seeds to germinate, set them in front of a window and use a Toby’s Dressing bottle as mini make-shift greenhouse. Genesis Juice bottles work for this too, but they can be a little tiny depending on what you’re growing.

mini greenhouse

Pest control
If you’re having problems with slugs in your garden, dig a little hole the size of a small Toby’s Tofu container near any plants you’re worried about. Place the Toby’s Tofu container so it’s level with the ground, and fill with beer or salted water. To bait your pests even more, cover the rim with sliced potatoes.



Effective watering

Take a hammer and large nail to an extra (empty) Genesis Juice bottle, and make several holes up and down the container. If you’re having trouble getting large enough holes, you might want to quickly take a drill to the container. Dig a hole in the garden next to a plant that needs base watering (nightshades, especially). Water inside the juice bottle from now on, and you’ll be watering the roots instead of the leaves!


Bird feeder
This one requires a little more hands-on work, so turn it into a fun family craft. The kids will love it! You’ll need one small Toby’s Tofu container (without the lid), one empty bottle of Genesis Juice, a knife, and strong glue.


Process:  With the knife, slice a few small squares around the base of the juice bottle (between 1/4 and 1/2 inch), to allow for the filling of the bottom of the feeder. Next, take your glue (we recommend hot glue if you’re not hanging it and something stronger, like super glue, if you are hanging it) and generously apply to the bottom of the juice bottle. Firmly press the juice bottle to the center of the Toby’s container (as shown below).


Wait for the glue to dry fully (shouldn’t take long, depending on the glue you used). Fill the juice bottle with bird seed, and get ready for the birds!

Vases (for when you’re cutting flowers out of your garden!)
You could really get crafty with these, like covering in decoupage or painting them, but we like them just how they are! They’re so delicate with just a few flowers, and they really brightened up our office! 


(Side note: these didn’t come from our garden, it’s a little too early for our own flowers!)

What else could you do with our packaging? We’d love to find more ideas. Send us your creative ideas, and we’ll repost them!