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Toby’s Family Foods is all about knowing what you eat and eating what you know. We make great-tasting, nutritious snack foods, dips and dressing that we love to share with the world.

Our roots go back nearly 40 years, when Toby and her family started selling tofu at the Eugene Saturday Market. Over the years, we’ve remained a small, family-owned and operated company based just outside of Eugene, Oregon.

We like trying new things, being different, and making tasty foods – whether it’s a twist on an old classic, or never before seen ideas (Who ever heard of tofu pate before us?), expect to see more great-tasting, wholesome snacks from Toby’s.

We’re passionate about the taste, quality and ingredients of our foods. Our roots and food philosophy shape our business decisions and bring us the inspiration to continue walking the path to, “man, that’s good.”





Toby’s Family Foods is the sister company of Genesis Organic Juice. We think you’ll love our organic juices and other drinks as much as you love our dressings and tofu dips!